Frequently Asked Questions

What color books are available?

We have 14 colour options to help match your books to your company brand. Get in touch, and our designers will create a digital mockup of your book for you to check before we begin production.

Can I have any of my company branding on the products?

Yes! We are custom book designers, so almost anything is possible! Contact us and we can design a digital mockup before we begin production.

What about Shipping?

Orders placed via a distributor may incur a local shipping charge. Books are shipped from one of our three distribution centers, in Asia, America, or New Zealand.

I am a distributor and would like to add Remembering books to our range. - How can I do this?


Great! We’d love to talk with you. Please email or fill in our distributor application form.

Do you have presentation boxes for the books?

Yes, all personalized books come standard with matching presentation boxes. Our presentation boxes help to keep these precious books safe from knocks and spills.

Who makes Remembering Books?

Remembering Books are designed by The CoLab, a product and design studio in New Zealand. Books are manufactured at our production facility in Asia.

Where can I download Word Document templates for printing photo and text pages?

Document templates are available on our downloads page.

How much will these books cost?

We have very competitive pricing, and discounts available for bulk orders. Please contact us for a quote

Can I buy just one book?

To buy just one book you would need to purchase through a funeral home or distributor. Please see contact us for more details.

We are a family who would like to use Remembering Books at an upcoming service. How do I do this?

If your funeral director contacts us we will do our best to get a Remembering Book out to you. Depending on where in the world you are this may or may not be possible but we will do our best!

How are Remembering Books making a difference to the world?

While death affects everyone, at Remembering Books we recognize that in various parts of the world there are children who are left more vulnerable due to the death of family members. We are passionate about rescuing children who are living on the streets, in neglect and often struggling to help provide for younger siblings. We give regularly to organizations that work to change the outcome for these children.

Where are your terms and conditions?

Please read our terms & conditions here.

What warranty is offered on Remembering Books?

In the rare occurrence that you find any faults with our products, we will do our best to remedy the situation by either replacing, or refunding the product in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.